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Landmark Irrigation

There's something powerful about listening to real stories from hardworking people who are passionate about their work. Prinsco is proud to share these conversations with drainage contractors from across the Midwest.

"This could very well be the largest install that's ever happened in Missouri." 

Landmark Irrigation & Drainage took on a huge installation– a 1,000 acre field in Missouri with over 1 million feet of pipe being laid. What does it take to complete a job of this magnitude? A lot of equipment, a lot of power, and everybody on their A-game. 

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Landmark Irrigation Inc. 
Taylor, MO

"It's not only about us" 

Hornung Tiling Inc's previous generation wasn't ready to switch from clay tile when plastic drainage pipe was introduced in the mid-1970s. After switching from clay tiles, they realized that the quality and value of plastic pipe was worth sharing.

Hornung Tiling Inc.

West Brooklyn, IL

"...they don't make any more land."

Jeremy Misselhorn is passionate about his business. He is the proud owner of Misselhorn Tiling and Excavating in Argyle, MN. Hear about his powerful story and why tiling is so important in this heart-felt interview. 

Misselhorn Tiling & Excavating

Argyle, MN

"There's always a way to get it done."

We have a great conversation with Nate Ludvigson, the determined and down-to-earth owner of Ludvigson Tiling. He shares about the importance of having a well connected team, how to cultivate that and how it impacts safety.

Ludvigson Tiling

Madison, MN

Mike Litzau with Litzau Farm Drainage is a third-generation tile contractor from Lake Lillian, Minnesota. To Mike, "It's a lifestyle. That's what drainage is." Hear how the Litzau crew uses simple, effective strategies to keep their crew safe.

Litzau Farm Drainage

Lake Lillian, MN

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Rich with family history, the Gingerich Tiling & Earthmoving story reminds us of the importance of treating employees and customers alike. The Gingerich team lives these values every day and we are proud to consider them friends.

Gingerich Tiling &


Kalona, IA

The Joy of Tiling

Sold on Prinsco

Generational Legacy

"Our job is to put bushels in the bin for our customers." 

Prinsco is proud to work with contractors like Gridline Field Tile, who dedicate their work to helping farmers be successful through subsurface water management. Derek and Bryce share their mindset for success. 

Gridline Field Tile

Mitchell, SD

Humble Beginnings

Gridline Mindset

Working Hand in Hand

Generational Legacy

"Families First" 

For over 30 years of business, family has come first at Landmark Irrigation Inc. Operator John Schreck speaks about the diverse opportunities and flexibility that come with working for a family oriented business. You'll find this team working hard in Taylor, MO, but having a good time and laughing while doing it.

Landmark Irrigation

Taylor, MO

Ellingson Companies out of West Concord, MN and Harwood, ND is made up of a team that stays active and puts in the work to get the job done. 3 generations in the valley have taught them that working with a great group of people makes hard work enjoyable. Ellingson Companies is a full service construction company specializing in trenchless and drainage technologies.

Ellingson Companies

West Concord, MN | Harwood, ND

It's Not Only About Us

"We take a lot of pride in meeting people that LOVE what we're doing" 

Rick and Nate Hornung of Hornung Tiling Inc. share the story of how their 3rd generational family business got started and how they continue the legacy. They take tremendous pride in their work. From drainage fields and septic tank installations to excavating and pipe pushing, Hornung treats customer work as if it was their own.