the GOLD approach

At Prinsco, we put relationships and people first and that’s why your safety matters to us. In fact, it matters so much that we are producing a series of videos to highlight important safety practices on job sites where our water management products are installed.

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Safety Videos

01 : 

An introduction to 

The Gold Approach

Learn more about Prinsco’s Gold Approach to safety. It’s an easy, simple way for you and your crews to keep safety top of mind on the job and off. Future videos will apply this concept specifically to the work you do using all types of Prinsco products.

Safety: Gear Up, Own It, Learn First, Develop Habits

02 : 



Loading up Prinsco products for transportation to a job site should always be done with a safety mindset. Watch this video to learn how we approach product loading using the Gold Approach.

Safety: PPE, Pipe Handling, Load Securement

Products: Goldflex G2, Goldline G2

03 : 

End Cap

End cap installation is a common task for our customers and should always be done with a safety mindset. Prinsco reminds you to use the GOLD Approach to safety on your jobsite. Watch our End Cap Installation video for details.

Safety: PPE, Site, Knife

Products: Goldline G2, End Cap

04 : 

Reducing Tee

When in a trench installing a Reducing Tee it is always important to be in a safety mindset . Using the GOLD Approach can help keep you stay safe on the job. Watch our Reducing Tee installation video for details.

Safety: PPE, Site, Cutting, Trench

Products: Goldline G2, Reducing Tee

A Message From Our Employees

05 : 

Split Coupler

Correctly installing a split coupler ensures you have a strong connection and it will travel through the boot securely, which is important to the safety of you and your crew. Watch our split coupler installation video using the Gold Approach.

Safety: PPE, Site, Cutting, Taping

Products: Goldline G2, Goldflex G2, Split Coupler