Septic Tanks & Accessories

Product Type: Accessory

Septic Tanks & Accessories

Contact your Prinsco sales rep to purchase Septic Tanks & Accessories.

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Infiltrator Septic Tanks

Number Size Item
IM-0540/1P 540 Gallon Round Septic Tank 1 Compartment – Plumbed
IM-1060/1P 1,060 Gallon Septic Tank 1 Compartment – Plumbed
IM-1060/2P 1,060 Gallon Septic Tank 2 Compartment – Plumbed
IM-1530/2P  1,530 Gallon  Septic Tank 2 Compartment – Plumbed

AK Septic Tanks 

Number Size Item
ST0300AK 300 Gallon AK Round Tank
ST0500AK 500 Gallon AK Gray Tank
ST0750AK 750 Gallon AK Gray Tank
ST1000AK 1000 Gallon AK Gray Tank
ST1500AK 1500 Gallon AK Gray Tank

Accessories for Septic Tanks 

Number Item Unit
STL012 12″ Lid/Cover Each
STL015 15″ Lid/Cover Each
STL018 18″ Lid/Cover Each
STL024 24″ Lid/Cover Each
STL030 30″ Lid/Cover Each
STL036 36″ Lid/Cover Each
STF004 Septic Tank Filter Each
GSK04 4″ Gasket Each
BRV4 4” Bull Run Valve (Valve Only) Each
STE2012 20” x 12” Septic Tank Extension – AK Each
DV004 Diverter Valve Each

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