Tree Guards

White Corrugated Recycled Polyethylene Tree Guards

Product Type: Accessory

Tree Guards

Protects young trees from deer, rabbits, rodents, mowers, trimmers, and more.

Contact your Prinsco sales rep to purchase Tree Guards.


Easy to install:

  • simply spread open & snap onto trunk of tree
  • check fit & adjust annually

Durable White Recycled Polyethylene:

  • prevents heat build-up
  • allows light penetration for healthy growth
  • flexible easy installation
  • uv resistant for long life
  • corrugations provide “breathable air space” & reduces moisture buildup
Size Part Number Unit
2″ x 24″ 0224TREE Each
2″ x 24″ 0224TREE-P Pkg of 3
2″ x 36″ 0236TREE Each
3″ x 36″ 0336TREE Each
3″ x 36″ 0336TREE-P Pkg of 2
3″ x 48″ 0348TREE Each
4″ x 24″ 0424TREE Each
4″ x 36″ 0436TREE Each
4″ x 48″ 0448TREE Each

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