Our Values

Prinsco is guided by a set of values that have been established and fine tuned over the years to be a true reflection of how we want to do business, treat our customers and serve our communities. We encourage our Prinsco team members to “live” our mission and values each and every day. 


To strive for excellence in everything we do. To make decisions based on what is right instead of what is easy. To honor our commitments; be honest, consistent and fair.

Safety & Wellness

To encourage and reward outstanding personal safety while striving towards an accident, illness and injury free work place. To create a culture and lifestyle of health and wellness excellence for our employees and their families.


To see the world through our customers’ eyes. To grow lasting relationships, provide complete support and offer comprehensive solutions by anticipating the needs of those we serve.


To be quick to take blame and slow to receive credit. To be a strong team built on the unique talents and skills of each individual working toward a shared vision.

Balanced Growth

To pursue both personal and corporate growth. To acknowledge and nurture the important balance between our work lives, our personal lives, our spiritual growth, and our celebration of the journey.


To embrace change, look at things differently, strive for continuous improvement, leverage opportunities and avoid stagnation in every aspect of our business. To transform ideas into reality by taking deliberate risks and overcoming the impossible.

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