Retention / Detention

Highly customizable underground solutions for stormwater storage

Product Type: Dual-Wall

Retention / Detention

Prinsco’s Underground Retention/Detention systems Goldflo or Goldpro Storm to effectively manage and store stormwater runoff. Stormwater management and storage is increasingly critical as regulations become more stringent and land values continue to increase.

Prinsco’s underground retention/detention systems can be easily modeled with the HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling System and Civil 3D Auto CAD module. Both tools simplify the process of designing a system meeting specific storage and footprint requirements.

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Prinsco’s underground storage systems allow developers and land owners to use land as efficiently as possible by storing stormwater runoff underground while using the surface area for parking, recreation or other similar applications. An underground storage system also helps to reduce safety and health risks, since the system is completely inaccessible to the general public. Underground detention also eliminates the aesthetic and maintenance issues associated with above ground systems.

Prinsco’s underground storage systems are tailored to meet the project specific size, shape, and storage requirements.

  • Manufactured out of strong, durable HDPE pipe and fittings.
  • Customizable layout designs can be tailored to specific jobsite constraints.
  • Proven performance under H20 and H25 loading.
  • Available up to 60″ in diameter.
  • Optional perforations allow stone void volume used as storage.
  • Optional risers allow man-entry and easy cleanout.
  • Seamless header components and custom fab fitting available.
  • Detention tools are available for calculating the amount of pipe needed for desired storage (including perforated systems).


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