Agricultural Drainage

Agricultural drainage is an underground network of pipe used to collect excess groundwater and/or suface water using risers. Water enters the pipe through perforations and is discharged to a local ditch or creek. See our Agricultural Water Management 101 video for more information.

Water Management

Agricultural Mains

The sizing and maintenance of agricultural mains is crucial for the performance of agricultural drainage systems. ECOFLO 100 dual wall pipe has proven to be a high performance choice for agricultural mains. See our Agricultural Water Management 101 video for more information.

Controlled Drainage

Controlled Drainage

Controlled subsurface water management has become an increasingly valued and utilized tool to manage water tables, improve water quality and irrigate through the growing season. See our Agricultural Water Management 101 video for more information.

Grain Aeration

HDPE pipe is a lightweight, easy to handle and cost-effective option for grain aeration. Perforated pipe installed at the bottom of a grain pile allows air to be blown into the grain piles.

Pumped Outlets

Your subsurface water management system can only function as well as its outlet. So if the grade on your subsurface water management system won’t allow for a gravity flow outlet, Prinsco’s Ag Catch Basin provides the perfect solution for a pumped outlet.

Ditch Enclosures

A ditch enclosure involves installing a pipe where there was originally an open ditch. It improves the safety and aesthetic value of the area and increases the hydraulic performance.

Culvert pipe


A culvert is a drainage pipe that allows water to flow under a road or driveway. Large diameter, corrugated, plastic pipe provides an efficient and long lasting solution to culvert drainage needs. 

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