Grevel-less pipe with geotextile wrap

Product Type: Single-Wall


Prinsco’s GOLDLINE® Gravel-less Leachbed Pipe (GLP) is ideal for onsite waste management because it’s much more economical and efficient than conventional gravel-filled systems. When installed according to the manufacter’s specifications, GOLDLINE GLP® pipe delivers unparalleled performance and years of trouble-free usage. It is available in easy-to-handle 10 and 20 foot lengths and requires a much smaller trench than conventional gravel-filled systems – meaning lower equipment costs and less installation time.

GOLDLINE® GLP with geotextile wrap is great for projects involving fine soil or flowable particles of soil. It comes with a non-woven, seamed sleeve or a knitted polyester continuous seamless sleeve.

Fabric should not be used when installing in heavy soils (such as clay or loam) because it will inhibit water from entering the pipe.

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This unique product is a combination of strong, corrugated polyethylene tubing and durable geotextile fabric. The geotextile wrap creates a greater soil/effluent contact area for faster absorption and offers the durability necessary to provide trouble-free installation and operation.

  • Combines strong, corrugated polyethylene tubing with durable geotextile fabric.
  • Creates greater soil/effluent contact for faster absorption.
  • Resists rot, mildew, chemicals and insects.
  • Easy-to-handle lengths and requires smaller trenches than gravel-filled systems.
  • Saves on equipment cost and installation time.
  • Gold stripe, which is easily seen through the fabric, serves as an alignment reference.
  • Has holes 120º off the top alignment stripe, allowing for an area below the sludge to settle, extending the life of the system.
  • Offers a built-in Lock-Fast® coupler.
Diameter Length
10″ 10′
10″ 20′