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The new and improved PROFORM™ HD (Heavy Duty) is an innovative, efficient alternative to traditional wood or PVC forms. This dual-wall corrugated HDPE system actually forms the footings while at the same time providing superior drainage and radon venting – all in one easy step!

 PROFORM™ HD has earned the ICC-ES certification. Find our evaluation report here.

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New Features

  • Rigid: New dual-wall design for added strength, without sacrificing the durability benefits of HDPE

  • Lateral Perforations: More secure stake positioning

  • White Outer Shell: Cooler to the touch on hot days, and easier to see perforations for correct installations

  • Single Elbow, Multiple Angles: The NEW 90º Elbow accommodates field modifications for other angles, eliminating the need for extra elbows on the jobsite.

  • Installed Couplers: Ships with coupler installed for increased work site efficiency

Additional Features

  • Easy to Handle: Lightweight yet rigid

  • Cold Weather & Impact Resistant: Doesn’t crack in cold weather or when mishandled on the jobsite

  • No Stripping Forms: Stays in place after footings are poured

  • No Drain Pipe: Save time & money by not needing to install additional drainage

  • Easy to Install: Accommodates various staking procedures

Item Description Number
6″x10′ PROFORM HD PFHD33010
6″ PROFORM HD 90° / 45°Elbow PFHD33051
6″ PROFORM HD Vertical Elbow PFHD33054
6″ PROFORM HD Coupler PFHD33050
6″ PROFORM HD End Cap PFHD33055
6″ PROFORM Single Outlet PFHD33060
4″ PROFORM Crossover Adapter PFHD33057
6″x20″ Spacer Strap PFHD33020
8″x16″ Spacer Strap PFHD33816
8″x20″ Spacer Strap PFHD33820
8″x24″ Spacer Strap PFHD33824
18″ Metal Grade Stake PFHDGS18
12″ Metal Grade Stake PFHDGS12

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