Poly Coated Steel Ag Catch Basin

Part of a water management system engineered with integrity

Product Type: Misc. Fitting

Poly Coated Steel Ag Catch Basin

Your subsurface water management system can only function as well as its outlet. So if the grade on your system won’t allow for a gravity flow outlet, Prinsco’s agricultural catch basin provides the perfect solution.

They are built from polymer-coated corrugated metal and provide strength and durability for years of trouble-free service. Coupled with Prinsco’s ECOFLO® 100 and GOLDLINE® products, they provide a water management system that is engineered with integrity! 

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  • Standard size is 13′ tall x 48″ diameter, providing increased storage volume.
  • Galvanized, polymer-coated steel tanks provide increased protection against abrasion & corrosion.
  • Basin stub receives 18″ Prinsco ECOFLO100 or GOLDFLO. Connection is built for strength and easy to install with no couplers needed. Reducers to smaller diameters are also available.
  • Backfill with native soils. No imported material needed, saving you time and money.


48″” X 13’’ Catch Basin w/18″ stub & bottom


48″” diameter 1’’ vertical extension

48″” diameter 2’’ vertical extension

48″” diameter 3’’ vertical extension


48″ Galvanized Single Outlet Lid w/Stand

48″ Galvanized Dual Outlet Lid w/Stand

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