Our Leadership

Prinsco has a dedicated leadership team committed to living our Mission, Vision and Values

Jamie Duininck


Ways my work helps customers:

I enjoy meeting people and establishing great relationships on behalf of Prinsco and my sales team. My job is to support their work in whatever way I can in order to help customers have the best experience possible.

Career & life experiences that make me better at my job:

I grew up in this business, which gives me a deep sense of appreciation and responsibility to its history, values and reputation. As a third generation owner, I am excited about the way we are building on our foundation and continuing to grow. I am also a husband and father, which keeps me balanced and focused on what’s most important!

Todd Buness

President / CFO

Ways my work helps customers: 

I strive to understand our customers’ needs and challenges so that I can help our finance team serve our internal customers with the information and support they need to provide a superior customer experience.

Career & life experiences that make me better at my job:

I grew up in northern Minnesota where my father taught me the values of honesty, integrity and hard work. I started my career after college at Cargill in the finance function within the Agriculture industry for over 25 years. I was fortunate to live in Southeast Asia with Cargill to gain valuable experiences with other cultures and businesses that have helped shape my leadership abilities. I left the Agriculture industry to join a Medical Component manufacturing company for 4 years where I learned a lot about serving customers and the value of quality in our products. I have now found a dream opportunity with Prinsco where I am excited to share my knowledge and experiences to help achieve our vision. 

Mark Johnson

Vice President of Operations

Ways my work helps customers:

As the Vice President of Operations I have responsibility for all of Prinsco’s manufacturing facilities, yards, transportation, and our supply chain. Our focus in operations is to provide the best quality product for our customers, when they need it and without any mistakes. I take a lot of pride in the fact that all of our Prinsco team members strive to live our values of hard work, integrity, and relationships every day because it is who we are and it is what our customers expect….“One Prinsco.”

Career and life experiences that make me better at my job:

I have had a broad range of career experiences ranging from being a Police Officer to a Safety Manager, to a Black Belt Lean Manager, to a Plant Manager of a large food production facility. These career experiences have given me some unique life experiences that have shaped me into the person I am today. I believe that hard work and accountability are key foundations to success but also know you cannot excel in business or in life without a strong team.

Tom Palmertree

Vice President of Sales

Ways my work helps customers:

Understanding the challenges and opportunities of our customers, so we can be a true partner for our customers and elevate their experience. We strive to be a solution provider, and to do this effectively, we have to care, contribute and solve in serving our customers. We do this through integrity, relationships, and hard work.

Career & life experiences that make me better at my job:

My career has been varied, working in leadership positions in the transportation, retail, and agricultural markets. The experiences I have had and the people I have worked with gives me the background to understand the different markets and customers we serve. Most importantly, it helps me understand challenges and opportunities and how we can work with our customers to find mutually beneficial solutions for growth. Understanding that solid partnerships and impactful teams are integral to success makes me better at my job and excited to serve with Prinsco.