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Prinsco’s GOLDFLEX™ is a flexible dual-wall pipe that is revolutionizing the installation of agricultural drainage mains. It can feed directly from a stringer to a plow boot, vastly increasing installation speed and improving safety by eliminating extra equipment, extra crew and the need for trenching. 

Over a million feet in the ground:

Prinsco has been developing GOLDFLEX™ since 2012 in response to our customer needs. To date, we have over a million feet of GOLDFLEX™ in the ground and continue to fine-tune details that make our flexible dual-wall the best, most proven pipe on the market. See our press release.

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• Installs up to 60% faster than dual-wall sticks
• Trenchless installation increases safety
• Less labor & equipment in the field
• Ideal for high water table areas

Diameter (in.) Perforation Number Nominal Length
12″ None 12GF215NP-FLEX 215′
12″ Perforated w. Sock 12GF215SF-FLEX 215′
12″ Narrow Slot 12GF215NS-FLEX 215′
15″ None 15GF190NP-FLEX 190′
15″ Perforated w. Sock 15GF190SF-FLEX 190′
15″ Narrow Slot 15GF190NS-FLEX 190′

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Technical Notes

Q. How deep can I install GOLDFLEX™?
The installation procedures for GOLDFLEX™ are similar to GOLDLINE single-wall pipe and has similar burial depth recommendations. A minimum cover of 24” is recommended for standard agricultural equipment loading and a maximum cover of 8’ for standard plow installation in suitable soil. Deeper burial depths can be achieved in certain soils or with crushed rock surrounding the pipe.
Q.  How much research and development has been done on GOLDFLEX™?
Over one million feet of GOLDFLEX™ has been successfully installed throughout The United States and Canada in the past 6 years. These field tests, in addition to many laboratory tests, make GOLDFLEX™ the most extensively tested flexible dual wall pipe on
the market.
Q. What types of perforations are available with GOLDFLEX™?
GOLDFLEX™ is available non-perforated, with narrow-slot perforations, or socked with standard perforations. Perforation configurations for all diameters and types of Prinsco pipe can be found in the Perforation Pattern Technical Note at Prinsco.com.
Q. What’s the best way to connect coils of GOLDFLEX™?
The most common way of connecting GOLDFLEX™ is with an external snap coupler secured with heavy duty zip ties and a generous amount of tile tape. The tape should only contact the coupler, allowing the pipe to rotate within the coupler while uncoiling which helps reduce binding and stress on the pipe.
Q.  Do I need a custom boot to install GOLDFLEX™?

Most factory boots designed to install large diameter single wall pipe can be used to install GOLDFLEX™ of the same diameter. A minimum 50-inch bend radius is recommended to minimize the forces on the pipe as it moves through the boot. More specific boot dimensions are referenced in Prinsco’s GOLDFLEX™ Installation Guide.

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