Flexible Dual-Wall

Product Type: Dual-Wall


Prinsco’s GOLDFLEX™ is a flexible dual-wall pipe that is revolutionizing the installation of agricultural drainage mains. It can feed directly from a stringer to a plow boot, vastly increasing installation speed and improving safety by eliminating extra equipment, extra crew and the need for trenching.

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• Installs up to 60% faster than dual-wall sticks
• Trenchless installation increases safety
• Less labor & equipment in the field
• Ideal for high water table areas

Diameter (in.) Perforation Number Nominal Length
12″ None 12GF215NP-FLEX 215′
12″ Perforated w. Sock 12GF215SF-FLEX 215′
12″ Narrow Slot 12GF215NS-FLEX 215′
15″ None 15GF190NP-FLEX 190′
15″ Perforated w. Sock 15GF190SF-FLEX 190′
15″ Narrow Slot 15GF190NS-FLEX 190′

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