Prinsco Commits to Serving Canadian Market

Prinsco Canada

December 23, 2013

Willmar, Minnesota – December 23, 2013: Prinsco, Inc. has dramatically stepped up its commitment to serve the agricultural and infrastructure markets of Canada, most notably the Central Prairie region. Last week, the company officially established Prinsco Canada Inc. They also acquired AccuPipe and welcomed the facility and team into their existing network of North American manufacturing plants. AccuPipe is an HDPE pipe manufacturer in Winkler, Manitoba, just 125 km southwest of Winnipeg. Over the next thirty days, the purchase of AccuPipe will be complete and the business will officially become Prinsco Canada.

Prinsco Canada will also be adding a second plant in Taber, Alberta, which is in the Southwest region of the Canadian Prairie. This facility will be operational in the spring of 2014, manufacturing and stocking a full line of pipe and accessories.

AccuPipe founders, Chris and Charlotte Unrau, are optimistic about the opportunities this change will provide for everyone involved, including their staff, community, valued clients and other producers in Western Canada. Chris has spent the last several years educating and advocating for the use of best practice water management solutions because he feels tile drainage has proven itself in Western Canada as a technique to improve yields and reduce risk.

Chris says, “As new owners, Prinsco Canada can help build on the success of AccuPipe by offering an expanded product line, vast technical expertise, and a full network of customer service and engineering support.” Unrau also owns and operates Precision Land Solutions, a Winkler, Manitoba based company specializing in the design and installation of water management solutions such as tile and surface drainage. He adds, “We are excited about being able to focus our time and resources on the installation side of the business. Prinsco Canada and Precision Land Solutions will continue to work closely together to advance the use of water management practices.”

Jamie Duininck, Prinsco Owner and Vice President of Sales, adds, “Our company vision is to provide industry leading solutions for agricultural efficiency and water quality, which is critically important in the Canadian Prairies. They have a thriving agricultural industry that makes a huge contribution to feeding our world. Prinsco Canada is committed to providing them with access to water management products that can take them to the next level of success in creating more productive fields and building land values.

Prinsco has been a leader in the agricultural water management industry since 1975 and their premium HDPE products are widely known for having a gold stripe. Prinsco also offers engineered water management solutions for the building trades and civil construction/commercial markets.

Originally founded in Prinsburg, Minnesota, Prinsco has expanded to include additional manufacturing facilities in Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, California, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wisconsin and now Canada.