Prinsco’s Flexible Dual-wall Pipe Changes the Game for Drainage Contractors and Farmers

September 9, 2017

Prinsco, Inc. recently introduced a new product to the agricultural market that is changing the game for drainage contractors. GOLDFLEX™ is a flexible dual-wall pipe that pairs the performance of traditional dual-wall sticks with the installation ease of single-wall coils. It’s a combination that has the marketplace buzzing.

“In 2012, one of our largest contractor customers asked us to design a flexible dual-wall pipe. They saw a need and opportunity to be more efficient, and the idea of plowing in mains was incredibly compelling. So that’s when we started working on GOLDFLEX™. We were responding to the needs of our customers.” explains Kent Rodelius, Agricultural Sales Manager at Prinsco.

Since that initial conversation, Prinsco has pioneered the development of flexible dual-wall, starting with an R&D process to better understand material properties and manufacturing methods required to make this unique product possible.   

“We made a significant investment in GOLDFLEX™ and it hasn’t been easy. But we felt uniquely equipped to take on the challenge because of our material blending expertise and testing infrastructure, adds Jamie Duininck, Co-President of Prinsco.

“Over the past several years, we’ve gone through many iterations of GOLDFLEX™, testing each version with some of our biggest contractor customers. With their feedback, we’ve identified the right materials and fine-tuned the details. To date, we’ve installed over a million feet of our flexible dual-wall pipe, carefully monitoring performance in the process.” adds Kent Rodelius.

GOLDFLEX™ dual-wall pipe is designed for high performance drainage mains and installs up to 60% faster than traditional sticks. It comes in coils up to 290’ and can be plowed in using a customized plow boot. This revolutionary dual-wall product eliminates the need to trench, place, and join dual-wall sticks, which is both labor and equipment intensive. That makes installation much safer, faster and more cost effective. The benefit to farmers is less soil compaction, shorter installation timelines and a faster entry into the fields.  The ability to plow in mains also makes GOLDFLEX™ ideal for high water table areas where trenching isn’t possible.

Other flexible dual-wall products have entered the market, but none with Prinsco’s extensive history of field testing. Jamie adds, “After four years of product trials and testing, we feel very confident in GOLDFLEX and know it will raise the bar of speed and efficiency in our industry.”


About Prinsco, Inc.

Prinsco, Inc. has been in business since 1975 offering water management solutions to the agricultural, residential and stormwater markets. They are a full solutions provider with 9 manufacturing facilities across the United States and Canada, specializing in corrugated HDPE pipe.