Drop, Distribution & Drain Boxes

Product Type: Accessory

Drop, Distribution & Drain Boxes

Contact your Prinsco sales rep to purchase Drop, Distribution & Drain Boxes.

Related Products

Item Part Number Unit
Floor Drain Box w/2 Holes & Lid DB020 Each
Drop Box w/4 Holes (2″ Drop) & Lid DB042 Each
Drop Box w/4 Holes (6″ Drop) & Lid DB046 Each
Distribution Box w/6 Holes & Lid DB060 Each
Distribution Box w/7 Holes & Lid DB070 Each
7 Hole Distribution Box Lid DBLRG7 Each
Distribution Box w/9 Holes & Lid DB090 Each
Adapter (4″ Red) DBA04 Each
Drop Box Extension (6″) DBX06 Each
End Plug (4″ Black) DBP40 Each
Perforated End Plug (4″ Black) DBP45 Each
Plug for Unused Hole (Orange) DBP10 Each
Sewer & Drain Seal: Yellow – Schedule 35 DBS35 Each
Sewer & Drain Seal: Blue – Schedule 40 DBS40 Each
Speed Leveler for Flow Control (Black/Yellow) DBSL10 Each
Lid – Regular Solid DBLRG Each
Lid – Inspection DBLIN Each
Lid – Grate DBLGR Each

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