Shovels, Spades & Mud Slingers

Product Type: Accessory

Shovels, Spades & Mud Slingers

Shovels & Spades Features:

  • Solid fiberglass handles are guaranteed for life.
  • Heavy 14-gauge blades with hollow-back construction.
  • Forward-turned steps for foot comfort and easier penetration
  • Does not absorb moisture; resists industrial chemicals.
  • Easily cleaned of concrete, tar, etc.
  • Easy to handle in extreme temperatures.
  • Ergonomic design for comfort and stress reduction.
  • Excellent rigidity reduces wasted effort.

Mud Slingers Features:

  • Holes in blade allow for superior mud release.
  • The blade is almost 1 pound lighter than regular shovels and spades.
  • Fiberglass handle carries a 1-year warranty.

Contact your Prinsco sales rep to purchase Shovels, Spades & Mud Slingers.

Number Item Unit


Shovels & Spades

NSLF Nupla Long Handle Flat Shovel Each
NSLR Nupla Long Handle Shovel Each
NSSC Nupla Super Crummer Each
NSSCV Nupla Super Crummer V Type Each
NSSF Nupla Short Handle Flat Shovel Each
NSSR Nupla Short Handle Shovel Each
NSLS Nupla Long Handle Spade Each
NSSS Nupla Short Handle Spade Each


Mud Slingers

NSLFMS Long Handle Flat Shovel Mud Slinger Each
NSLRMS Long Handle Shovel Mud Slinger Each
NSLSMS Long Handle Spade Mud Slinger Each
NSMS Super Short Handle Shovel Mud Slinger Each
NSSFMS Short Handle Flat Shovel Mud Slinger Each
NSSRMS Short Handle Shovel Mud Slinger Each
NSSSMS Short Handle Spade Mud Slinger Each