Water Gate

Product Type: Accessory

Water Gate

Enjoy the agricultural and environmental benefits of “VARIABLE RATE DRAINAGE” with Agri Drain’s Water Gate. The Water Gate is a float activated head pressure valve. It maintains a one-foot increase in water elevation between the downstream and upstream sides of the valve. The Water Gate operates in either free-flow or managed-flow mode. The managed-flow mode is activated by backing water up into the valve. This is accomplished by installing a Water Level Control Structure (WLCS) in the tile main at the lowest point of the drainage system that you wish to manipulate or control. Locate the first Water Gate one foot in elevation upstream from the WLCS. Water Gates can be used in series, locating additional units at one-foot elevation intervals.

  • Manage up to 8”-diameter subsurface drain tile.
  • Fully automatic.
  • Float operated.
  • Infinitely variable.
  • Completely buried to allow for convenient field operations.
  • Valve is intended for gravity flow: Low pressure and some seepage may occur. Valve is not pressure rated.

Contact your Prinsco sales rep to purchase Water Gate.

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