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Culvert pipe


A culvert is a drainage pipe that allows water to flow under a road or driveway. Large diameter, corrugated, plastic pipe provides an efficient and long lasting solution to culvert drainage needs. 

Onsite waste water management

On-site waste management

A typical on-site waste management system includes pipe, a septic tank, a distribution device and a drain field. In this example, corrugated pipe is used to distribute effluent from the septic tank to the drain field. 

Downspout drainage

Downspout/Roof Drainage

Prinsco pipe is durable, easy to install and is a great choice for carrying rainwater away from buildings.

Foundation Drainage

Existing Foundation Drainage

For existing foundation water problems, perforated HDPE pipe combined with a primary and back-up sump system can create a lasting, efficient drainage solution. 

Downspout drainage

Landscape Drainage

Managing the water on your property is an important tool in maintaining a dry basement and healthy lawn. Corrugated plastic tubing and accessories can be used to keep water moving away from your foundation and away from low spots in your lawn. 

Retaining Wall

Retaining Wall Drainage

In order for retaining walls to be effective and remain structurally sound, a water management system should be in integral part of the build. Corrugated plastic tubing can be used to create an effective drainage system for retaining wall applications. 


Wet Area Drainage

Wet Area Drainage

Low spots on your property can create wet areas. A drainage system made from corrugated plastic tubing can help move water away from low spots and prevent water pooling. This method is traditionally called a “French Drain.”