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Highway Drainage

Prinsco HDPE pipe has many uses for highway drainage applications including culverts, cross drains and underdrains. Corrugated HDPE pipe is lightweight and easy to handle yet offers the strength and performance that is necessary for highway applications.

Industrial – Mining/Forestry/Landfills

HDPE pipe has exceptional resistance to all kinds of aggressive chemicals and corrosives making it the ideal choice for various industrial applications just as mining, forestry and landfills. It also has the strength and durability to withstand harsh conditions, deep burials, and heavy loading scenarios.

Parking Lot Drainage

Stormwater management is critical for parking lots to be well drained and to prolong the service life of the paved surface. Prinsco’s HydroStor stormwater chambers and/or HDPE pipe and catch basins are the ideal choice for stormwater collection, conveyance and underground retention/ detention systems under a parking lot.

Storm Sewer

A storm sewer is a network of pipes that collect storm water runoff through a surface inlet and drain it to an appropriate outlet, such as a river. Storm sewer systems can range in size from small residential systems to large metropolitan areas serving a combination of commercial and industrial developments.

Stormwater Retention Detention

Underground Retention/Detention

Stormwater management and storage is increasingly critical as regulations become more stringent and land values continue to increase. Prinsco’s Underground Retention/Detention systems can be designed utilizing HydroStor stormwater chambers and/or GOLDFLO WT, GOLDFLO, or ECOFLO 100 to effectively manage and store stormwater runoff.

Ditch Enclosures

A ditch enclosure involves installing a pipe where there was originally an open ditch. It improves the safety and aesthetic value of the area and increases the hydraulic performance.

Culvert pipe


A culvert is a drainage pipe that allows water to flow under a road or driveway. Large diameter, corrugated, plastic pipe provides an efficient and long lasting solution to culvert drainage needs. 

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