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Corrugated HDPE pipe’s lightweight flexible design makes it easy to use yet provides excellent protection for cables.

Highway Drainage

Prinsco HDPE pipe has many uses for highway drainage applications including culverts, cross drains and underdrains. Corrugated HDPE pipe is lightweight and easy to handle yet offers the strength and performance that is necessary for highway applications.

Post Tensioning Duct

Prinsco corrugated HDPE pipe can be used as post tensioning duct for use in tension cable sheild applications.

Culvert pipe


A culvert is a drainage pipe that allows water to flow under a road or driveway. Large diameter, corrugated, plastic pipe provides an efficient and long lasting solution to culvert drainage needs. 

Onsite waste water management

On-site waste management

A typical on-site waste management system includes pipe, a septic tank, a distribution device and a drain field. In this example, corrugated pipe is used to distribute effluent from the septic tank to the drain field. 

Slope/Edge Drains

GOLDLINE® single wall pipe is the perfect fit for minimizing erosion on side slopes or collecting and conveying runoff for edge drains.