Prinsco’s GOLDFLEX® is a flexible dual-wall pipe that is revolutionizing the installation of agricultural drainage mains for farmers and contractors. It offers all the performance of our dual-wall sticks but installs up to 60% faster. It feeds directly from a stringer to a plow boot, vastly increasing installation speed and improving safety by eliminating extra equipment, extra crew and the need for trenching. 

Over a million feet in the ground:

Prinsco has been developing GOLDFLEX® since 2012 in response to our customer needs. To date, we have over a million feet of GOLDFLEX® in the ground and continue to fine-tune details that make our flexible dual-wall the best, most proven pipe on the market. See our press release.

The future of dual-wall:

• Installs up to 60% faster than dual-wall sticks
• Dual-wall configuration offers optimum flow rates
• Trenchless installation increases safety
• Less labor & equipment in the field
• Ideal for high water table areas

“This 2,000 feet probably would have taken us almost an entire day with rigid dual-wall, and we’re going on less than 3.5 hours to do 2,000 feet now (with GOLDFLEX)”
– Jordan Warne, Meyer Services (see more testimonials)

GOLDFLEX® flexible dual-wall boot requirements:

Over the last three years, over one million feet of GOLDFLEX® has been installed by our customers. Using those experiences, we’ve created this simple plow boot design to help you gear up for your first install. Contact your sales representative or reference GoldFlex Installation Guide for more information.

The inside of the boot should be 3” wider than the outside diameter (OD) of the pipe. The additional width will help reduce friction on the pipe as it moves through the boot.
Bend Radius
The booth shall have a minimum of 50” bend radius. There are several manufacturers that produce boots for 12” and 15” single wall pipe. Many of these boots have a greater bend radius, which may be considered for use for installation of GOLDFLEX®.
Rounded Bottom
The boot shall have a rounded bottom to provide proper support up to the spring-line of the pipe. Voids in the haunch area of the pipe can result in additional stress on the pipe which could reduce the service life. The shape of the bottom of the boot should be similar to the OD of the pipe to provide sufficient support.


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