PROFORM HD - Form • Drain • Vent

Are you looking for a fast, high-performance alternative to wood and PVC foundation footing forms? The latest generation of Proform HD gives new meaning to the term Heavy Duty with:

New Features

  • Greater Stiffness: for faster and easier installation in all weather conditions
  • New & Improved Couplers: with better holding power and faster connections
  • Streamlined Structure & Durability: for the toughest installation environments

Additional Features

  • Easy to Handle: Lightweight yet stiff
  • Cold Weather & Impact Resistant: Doesn’t crack in cold weather or when mishandled on the jobsite
  • No Stripping Forms: Stays in place after foundation footings are poured
  • No Drain Pipe: Save time & money by not needing to install additional drainage
  • Easy to Install: Accommodates various staking procedures

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