PROFORM HD - Form • Drain • Vent

The new and improved PROFORM™ HD (Heavy Duty) is an innovative, efficient alternative to traditional wood or PVC forms. This dual-wall corrugated HDPE system actually forms the footings while at the same time providing superior drainage and radon venting – all in one easy step!

New Features

  • Rigid:New dual-wall design for added strength, without sacrificing the durability benefits of HDPE
  • Lateral Perforations: More secure stake positioning
  • White Outer Shell:
  • Single Elbow, Multiple Angles: The NEW 90º Elbow accommodates field modifications for other angles, eliminating the need for extra elbows on the jobsite.
  • Installed Couplers: Ships with coupler installed for increased work site efficiency

Additional Features

  • Easy to Handle: Lightweight yet rigid
  • Cold Weather & Impact Resistant: Doesn’t crack in cold weather or when mishandled on the jobsite
  • No Stripping Forms: Stays in place after footings are poured
  • No Drain Pipe: Save time & money by not needing to install additional drainage
  • Easy to Install: Accommodates various staking procedures

Full Product Sheet

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