Aberdeen Storm Sewer Piping

HDPE makes replacing clay tile easy for small city crew

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Product Type(s):
Dual-Wall, Storm Sewer

Application Type(s):
Storm Sewer

City of Aberdeen

City of Aberdeen - Maintenance Crew

City of Aberdeen

Installation Date:
May 2015

Aberdeen, South Dakota, South Dakota USA


The city of Aberdeen had two projects. The first was to replace some deteriorated 12” & 15” clay tile buried 5′ – 6′ deep on the north edge of town. They replaced the older clay tile with 1200’ of HDPE dual-wall GOLDFLO WT pipe because it was high quality, high performing, yet light weight and easy to handle with a small crew. 

The second project was addressing the drainage needs of a 320 ace lot with a flat grade. For that, they used 2200’ of 30” HDPE dual-wall GOLDFLO WT pipe buried at 4′. 

HDPE pipe from Prinsco was an ideal choice for these projects because of its reasonable cost and ease of handling by their own small crew with rubber tired equipment. 




  • 30" Dual-Wall