Conagra Foods

Prinsco provides high volume pipe for 1.5 million sq/ft food distribution center

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Storm Sewer

Opus Design Build, L.L.C.

Poindexter Excavating, Inc.

American Structure Point, Inc.

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Frankfort, Indiana USA


Opus was hired to help ConAgra build a 1.5 million-square-foot dry foods distribution center on 186 acres in Frankfort, Indiana. The project was started in the summer of 2014 and will be fully complete in July of 2015.

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Water management on the site was challenging due to the large volume and size of pipe required. Approximately 500 acres drained through this property via an existing county legal drain. The engineer originally specified concrete pipe, but contractors were allowed to submit proposed design changes and related costs.

Poindexter Excavating offered large diameter HDPE pipe from Prinsco as an alternative to concrete based on its potential to save time and installation cost. HDPE offered the same or better performance and could be used with the existing specified Class 1 backfill. The cost savings and value engineering that Poindexter Excavating offered to Opus utilizing Prinsco HDPE pipe in lieu of concrete saved the project over 8% cost over the entire utility package amount. Cost savings, coupled with the performance of HDPE, played an extraordinary role in Poindexter being chosen as the project contractor.


  • 1,100’ – 60” Diameter (20’ watertight corrugated HDPE)
  • 500' – 48” Diameter (11' watertight corrugated HDPE)
  • 580' – 36” Diameter (11' watertight corrugated HDPE)
  • 9,000 – 24" Diameter (11' watertight corrugated HDPE)
  • 240' - 15" Diameter (20' watertight corrugated HDPE)
  • 420' - 12" Diameter (20' watertight corrugated HDPE)

Project Brief

Systems of this size typically have a high ratio of equipment and man-hour costs. The use of Prinsco’s HDPE pipe products allowed the contractor to offer a high performance water management solution with significant savings of cost and time over a comparable concrete system.

Prinsco’s GOLDFLO WT pipe is a dual-wall product available in 60” diameters, making it ideal for high flow, high volume underground conveyance. The lightweight, durable and easy-to-handle nature of HDPE required smaller installation teams and equipment, saving over 13% in installation costs compared to concrete.

In addition, the efficiency of HDPE pipe installation allowed the contractor to meet the completion deadline 10 days ahead of schedule. The overall project timeline was very tight, so the ability to complete installation early translated to improved efficiencies for the project as a whole, keeping it moving forward on schedule.

HDPE pipe was an ideal solution for this application because it is available in large diameters, accommodates high volume applications, provides unmatched service life and offers installation efficiencies.

This project is a perfect example of how HDPE can effectively compete against concrete in civil commercial construction water management applications. The structural integrity and service life of Prinsco GOLDFLO® WT easily met the volume and performance requirements of this project. The additional cost and time saving efficiencies of HDPE over concrete made it an ideal choice for this high volume conveyance application.

Projects such as ConAgra using Prinsco products continue to prove that HDPE pipe leads the industry in performance features, material integrity and value added benefits.