Pacific Bandini

Arranging Three Systems to Provide a Unique Layout

Quick Details

Application Type(s):
Underground Retention/Detention

Pacific Industrial

S&S Douglas

R.A. Smith National

Installation Date:
December 2016

Vernon, CA, California, USA US


Pacific Bandini is a new, 264,594 square feet development near Los Angeles, California. The large complex fits comfortably against Bandini Boulevard on one side and the parking lots on the other three sides. The plans presented to Prinsco specified both H-20 loading requirements in addition to providing equal lengths per chamber row. To accommodate the provided space, three systems of straight, equal runs lie parallel to the side of the building. Working with these constraints, Prinsco was able to design each system to accommodate the H-20 loading requirements where consistent traffic will be experienced.

During the construction of this project, excavator loads needed to be temporarily placed over the system in order to backfill the system properly. Prinsco can create custom loading recommendations over chamber and pipe systems to accommodate both provisional and routine traffic outside of the normal loading requirements. To create these recommendations, Prinsco uses exact vehicle types and in-situ soil conditions in accordance with loading factors specified in AASHTO LRFD Bridge Loading Requirements to create a cover height securing the integrity and performance of the system. Prinsco’s HydroStor product line created an efficient, simple installation. Prinsco was able to save time and labor costs in comparison to other alternative systems.

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