Prinsburg Yard Expansion

Prinsco's Own System from Start to Finish

Quick Details

Application Type(s):
Underground Retention/Detention

TOF Thomas Ranch

Duininck Incorporated

Installation Date:
November 2017

Prinsburg, MN, Minnesota, USA


Walking among Prinsco’s yards throughout the United States and Canada, it’s typical to find a wide variety of product in each location. Did you know some of that Prinsco product is also under that dirt? It isn’t uncommon to find culverts and other drainage around the plant properties. The Prinsburg plant is preparing to expand its yard to create more space with the help of its own HydroStor products.

This HydroStor 180 system was placed at Prinsco’s first location, Prinsburg, MN. The system is designed to hold 5,991 cubic feet of water within a small footprint of 1,800 square feet, collecting rain and runoff to prevent saturated conditions throughout the yard. With two control structures, the collected water can naturally infiltrate deep within the water table while providing a set level of water to be released into the county drainage ditches. A 6-inch perimeter drain around two edges of the system allows water to move quickly through the heavy clay soil on the site.

A combination of efforts with Prinsco and Duininck Incorporated, both owned by Duininck Companies, installed the system in a few days with minimal equipment and labor. Prinsco’s Application Engineering team was also on site to aid in the installation and to connect with construction crews, gaining knowledge to better enhance engineering services.

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