Rainwater Harvest Cistern System | The Fred, Edina, MN

Rainwater Harvest Cistern System in Edina, MN

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Product Type(s):
Dual-Wall, fabricated fittings, GoldPro STORM

Application Type(s):
Underground Retention/Detention

Solhem Companies

Weis Builders

Civil Site Group

Installation Date:
Spring 2022

Edina, Minnesota United States


The Fred is a 522,717 sq/ft residential apartment development project in Edina, Minnesota. Construction began in 2022 and 408 units became available for lease in 2023. The Fred is a boutique property with a focus on green construction, making a rainwater harvest and reuse system a natural fit. 

Listen to a project summary from our sales team.

This rainwater cistern was built with 60” Goldpro Storm® polypropylene pipe to hold 4,877 CU FT of stormwater run-off, and the polypropylene pipe system was configured in 3 rows. Due to the footprint, depth, and watertight constraints, this system required custom elongated fittings with integral gasket and bell and spigot coupling joints. 

Underground commercial rainwater harvesting systems are an environmentally sustainable application for corrugated plastic pipe that’s growing in popularity, which is what makes this project unique. Large-diameter polypropylene pipe with watertight joints is a superb building block for the construction of rainwater harvest cisterns because it can be configured to accommodate a wide range of project footprints and storage needs. This system captures run-off from the impervious surfaces of this commercial development and stores it underground until it can be used for things like irrigation. 

Goldpro Storm® made from polypropylene is watertight, lightweight, easy to handle in the field, resistant to rust/corrosion and provides maximum service life. Corrugated plastic pipe continues to be an essential component of sustainable water management solutions that are creating a more resilient world.

The rainwater harvest system designed and built for this apartment complex was relatively small, but its impact will offer significant payoffs throughout the lifespan of this property. More and more we see engineering groups and project owners prioritizing sustainable stormwater solutions that contribute to a green construction strategy. Low-impact development practices promote the elimination of runoff through infiltration, and rainwater harvest systems can not only help meet runoff elimination targets but also reduce the need for potable water by reusing rainwater for critical applications like greenspace irrigation. 

This rainwater harvest cistern solution for The Fred apartment complex showcased the flexibility of plastic pipe to create customized solutions for challenging project conditions. Due to the footprint, depth, and watertight constraints, this system required custom elongated fittings with integral gasket and bell and spigot coupling joints. In addition, fabricating a structurally sound 60″ diameter fitting designed to handle H-25 traffic loading requires experience/skill but is possible due to the flexible nature of plastic pipe as a construction tool.