Thomas Ranch

Truck and Trailer Parking over Prinsco's 60" Detention System

Quick Details

Application Type(s):
Underground Retention/Detention

TOF Thomas Ranch

S&S Douglas Pipeline

DRC Engineering Inc.

Installation Date:
June 2016

Corona, CA, California, USA


“Thomas Ranch is the first ground-up development in West Corona in over eight years.” Three versatile, freestanding buildings provide spaces to accommodate for a variety of industrial uses advertising 24’+ warehouse height, high dock doors, and state of the art design and curb appeal.

Prinsco’s largest pipe size, 60″ GOLDFLO WT, stands out in the field during installation. Every 20 feet of pipe allows for 2,932 gallons of storage. Designed by DRC Engineering Inc. near Corona, CA, this system is positioned under a driveway/parking lot that will be seeing trucking loads throughout its lifetime. Paired with proper installation requirements, Prinsco’s detention systems can withstand AASHTO H-25 live loading rates; a typical standard for vehicular loads. Custom fabricated fittings are uniquely made in-house to accommodate each system’s requirements. Fittings such as Tee’s, Cross Tee’s, Reducing Tees, 90º Elbows, Welded Stubs and Endplates are all shipped to the jobsite with no on-site welding required. Custom parts can also be designed, drafted, and fabricated to meet many job site needs.


  • 1,040 Linear Feet of 60"