Waterman Industrial Center

Prinsco’s Infiltration System Storing Over 200,000 ft3 of Stormwater

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Application Type(s):
Underground Retention/Detention

Industrial Property Trust

S&S Douglas

Kimley Horn

Installation Date:
July 2017

San Bernardino, CA, California


Waterman Distribution Center is a ±549,805 square foot, cross-dock facility located in San Bernardino, California, boasting 105 dock doors and 139 trailer parking spots. Three HydroStor® HS75 chamber layouts were created to accommodate separate infiltration basins designed by Kimley Horn; creating a combination storing capacity of 201,069 cubic feet of stormwater. The systems were placed under both the north and south lots allowing for trailer parking, loading, and unloading to be performed above.

By installing this underground system, groundwater can naturally replenish while saving valuable space above ground. Each infiltration system utilizes specially designed sediment rows to capture contaminants in first-flush such as soil, plant, and other debris particles. After this capture, a controlled structure diverts the water to utilize the system’s volume entirely. Connecting rows of chambers with Prinsco GOLDFLO® WT aids in water distribution throughout a total of 91,317 square feet.

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