Webster House Parking Garage

Prinsco provides stormwater detention in tight footprint

Quick Details

Product Type(s):
Detention System

Application Type(s):
Underground Retention/Detention

Shirley Helzberg

Site Rite Construction

BHC Rhodes Civil Engineering

Installation Date:
August 2013

Kansas City, Missouri USA


The Webster House is on the National Register of Historic Places and is located in a busy area of downtown Kansas City next door to the Kauffman Center for Performing Arts. In 2013, they developed a neighboring empty lot into a multi-story commercial parking ramp that needed a strategic underground stormwater management solution. The system needed to store over 1,800/ft3 of water on a tight footprint of 1,465/ft2.


Project Brief

This project required a high performance, underground stormwater solution. It had to provide a long life expectancy and be customizable to fit the limited available space. An HDPE pipe detention system from Prinsco was the ideal solution due to its high performance, durability and long life expectancy. HDPE plastic pipe also allowed for custom fabricated manifolds, risers and clean outlets, ensuring that the system could accommodate the water volume and unique lot restrictions.

Customized detention systems can be demanding due to the need for extremely accurate design documents. Prinsco’s application engineer was instrumental in developing highly detailed, precise system drawings that were used by the engineer for submittal, the Prinsco team for fabrication and the contractor for installation. These design documents ensured that the system not only met the needs of the project, but was built and installed correctly. Customized HPDE pipe solutions are a flexible and highly flexible solution for underground water management solutions such as this one.

“For this project, polyethylene pipe was a clear choice for a list of reasons including lightweight, and ease of construction, readily available pipe segments and parts, longevity, ease of maintenance, and overall competitive cost. The location of the installed system in a corner of the excavated site made the ease of handling and construction more prominent on the list of benefits.” – Kevin Pinkowski, BHC Rhodes Civil Engineering

“The Webster House Parking Garage project went very smooth for us.  There was a great engineer that designed project and an excellent General Contractor which made up a solid team to work with on the project.  The HDPE material supplied to us by Prinsco, Inc. was easy to handle and install.  Prinsco made the delivery process easy for us and each section of the detention cell was correctly labeled and fit perfectly into place.” – Quinn Anderson, Site Rite Construction