Prinsco’s New Conservation Engineer Focuses on Agricultural Market

July 17, 2013

EricAgEngineerBlogEric Stearns joined the growing Prinsco Engineering Team in early 2013 with specialized training and a focus on the agricultural market. As a Conservation Engineer, Eric will provide technical services for the support and use of our products, along with a a renewed focus on product implementation and best practices in the area of agricultural water management. As a part of those efforts, Eric will represent Prinsco on key industry organizations and provide valuable information to customers via our Prinsco social media platforms.

Eric graduated from South Dakota State University with a degree in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering and grew up on a farm near Canton, South Dakota. He is looking forward to his new role at Prinsco. Eric says, “I went into Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering because I have a strong interest in advancing farming techniques and taking care of our environment along the way. There is so much room for new technology and innovation in our industry and I’m excited to be working for a company that sees the possibilities.”

Kent Rodeluis, Prinsco’s Agricultural Sales Manager, comments, “Bringing Eric on board has been an important move for Prinsco and yet another great example of our commitment to the industry. Subsurface water management is one of the most effective tools farmers have in maximizing crop performance, and Eric will be a great resource to our sales team and customers who want technical help doing it right.”

Agricultural water management has seen steady growth in the last several years due to advancements in technology and the rising demand for food. In fact, Prinsco made a bold commitment in 2012 with a renewed vision statement around “creating industry-leading solutions for agricultural efficiency” in response to our world’s need to feed its escalating population with limited land and water resources. That vision statement goes further to include water quality as a major focus.

Carl Douglass, Prinsco’s Director of Engineering, says, “Adding Eric to our team will further enhance our commitment to accomplishing our vision and put us in a stronger position to push innovation on the agricultural side of our business.”

Welcome to the team, Eric!

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