Our Vision

“To provide customer solutions for water quality & preservation; agricultural efficiency & production; and sustainable systems & products.”


Water Quality & Preservation

Water quality has never been a more important issue than it is today. Why? Because less than 3% of the earth’s water is fresh, and of that, only a small fraction is accessible and usable to humans. Add to that the ever-increasing demand for clean water by our growing population and the negative impacts of urbanization, and it’s clear that our world’s most important natural resource is under stress.

Stormwater runoff is a key factor to water quality issues, and Prinsco is continuously innovating to improve the performance of stormwater conveyance and storage solutions. We are also a pioneer in the development of agricultural subsurface drainage solutions to improve crop performance and reduce the amount of sediment and nitrates in the runoff entering our fresh water supply.

Agricultural Efficiency & Production

By 2050, our world will have over 9 billion mouths to feed, requiring a 50% increase in our current food supply. That’s a stunning reality. Add to that the ongoing loss of tillable farmland due to erosion and urban development, and we’ve got no choice but to implement innovative, long term solutions that can maximize agricultural efficiency and improve the impact of available water.

Prinsco was one of the first companies to introduce HDPE drainage tile to the agricultural industry over 35 years ago. Today, we’re known for providing innovative, eco-friendly water management solutions that can increase yields from 15% up to 25%, and control water in order to maintain consistent production levels throughout weather fluctuations.

Sustainable Systems & Products 

Our world’s most valuable resources are in limited supply. There will never be any more land, water, or fossil fuels, making environmental stewardship everyone’s responsibility.

Prinsco has invested the time, research, and resources into the advancement of recycled plastic technology allowing us to develop recycled materials without compromising performance. This is critically important because we believe you shouldn’t accept compromised performance in the name of sustainability.