Mark Goertzen

Mark Goertzen

Sales Representative

Mobile: +1-209-480-6281
Office: +1-559-485-5542
Fax: +1-559-485-1747
Email: [email protected]

Market(s): Stormwater
State(s): California, Nevada

Career and life experiences that make me better at my job:

As an avid hunter I’ve learned that nothing comes easy, if its worth it your going to have to work for it and earn it. Having learned things the hard way in some cases allows me to think outside the box and come up with new and creative ways to make things happen.

Ways I enjoy helping customers:

I enjoying getting to know my customers in work and personally. Building strong relationships helps me understand my customers needs better, allowing me to meet and exceed their expectations, and help solve their problems and provide cost effective solutions for all parties involved.