ASTM F3390 Sets New Standards For Flexible Dual-wall Pipe

May 22, 2020

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) has published a new standard specification for flexible dual-wall pipe, creating industry-wide consensus regarding requirements and testing methods for this innovative product. The standard is the result of a rigorous 18-month process initiated and led by Prinsco in order to ensure the quality and performance of flexible dual-wall pipe in the marketplace. ASTM is a professional forum for creating industry standards with an in-depth technical review and balloting process that includes professionals from all related industries such as concrete and metal. 

“Until now, flexible dual-wall has been unregulated, causing inconsistencies in the product across different manufacturers. Prinsco has invested considerable time and resources to usher this standard through the ASTM process in order to ensure that quality and performance metrics are being met by all. We take great pride in offering a premium product that is the first to meet these newly defined standards,” explains Jason Ahrenholz, Prinsco Director of Engineering. 

“We take great pride in offering a premium product that is the first to meet these newly defined standards.”  – Jason Ahrenholz, Prinsco Director of Engineering

ASTM F3390 is a significant step in the advancement of flexible dual-wall pipe for use in land drainage applications, specifically engineered water management systems for regulated government or NRCS projects. It clarifies material requirements for both the inner and outer layer of the pipe in order to ensure performance. It also requires a pipe stiffness equal to that of dual-wall sticks to ensure performance, safety and tolerance for installation conditions.

The ASTM F3390 Standard Specification includes 3” – 24” diameter pipe intended for non-pressurized gravity flow applications.

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