The road from good to great

When it comes to stormwater chambers, the road from good to great leads directly to HydroStor, the industry’s highest performing chamber.

HydroStor chambers were co-developed by Prinsco Inc. and Lane Enterprises based on proven ASTM structural, design and product standards. The result is a chamber with world class structural performance and service life. But we didn’t stop there, because we believe that true greatness is in the details. We also focused on features that matter to the designer and installer, offering a whole new level of efficiency and handling ease.

With HydroStor, your chamber options just went from good to great. 

HydroStor is available in two sizes. The HS180 chamber will store 180 cubic feet of stormwater per chamber and is designed for high-volume projects. The HS75 chamber will store 75 cubic feet of stormwater per chamber and is designed for projects with limited burial depths.

Contact us today for a technical consultation about your next stormwater management project or view the HydroStor product page to learn more.

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