GOLDPRO Storm, Paving the Way on New Road Construction

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Storm Sewer

Wright County, MN

VEIT & Company

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Albertville, Minnesota, USA United States


Approximately one mile of road re-construction began in June 2018. The project aimed to improve long-term safety and provide adequate traffic capacity by constructing turning lanes and intersections improvements to meet current state standard designs. Stormwater sewer and watermain pipe were both reconstructed as part of this operation while several private utility companies also performed re-locations. Prinsco’s GOLDPRO Storm was placed along the roadway, capturing run-off and reducing saturated conditions in the ditches along the road. 

GOLDPRO Storm sizes 12”-30”, was used in lieu of reinforced concrete pipe for its competitive price and installation efficiencies of using 20-foot sticks instead of 8-foot sticks of concrete pipe. After construction began, unstable soil conditions were discovered that affected many aspects of construction. As crews worked around the poor native clay material and imported sand backfill, GOLDPRO Storm installed quickly and without worry. A total of 6,000 feet of pipe was individually mandreled to ensure a maximum 5% deflection meeting project requirements. This mandrel testing ensures there was no excess pipe deflection after 30 days in the ground. Prinsco’s rental mandrels allowed Veit to easily test each run when desired and increased accuracies and time savings during inspection time.