Judd Efinger

Judd Efinger

National Sales Manager

Mobile: +1-435-729-9002
Email: [email protected]

Market(s): Onsite
State(s): Montana, Wyoming

Career and life experiences that make me better at my job:
In the mid-80’s I began my career in water management by carrying buckets of water through the woods of Connecticut to perform Perc Tests. Since then, I have been fortunate to touch almost all the areas of the onsite industry; soil science, septic system designer, system installer, city planner, and sales leader for water product manufacturers. This gives me a unique 360-degree view of how to service this industry the right way.

Ways I enjoy helping customers:
I am thankful to have worked for companies that focused on relationship building, adding value, and helping our customers grow their businesses. That is what makes our jobs fun.