Michelle Svetich

Michelle Svetich

Regional Onsite Manager

Mobile: 970-571-4437
Email: [email protected]

Market(s): Onsite
State(s): Colorado, Nevada

Career and life experiences that make me better at my job:

I have had the privilege of having a unique background, from my time in the United States Air Force as an Aeromedical Evacuation Technician to leading a team of Technical Stormwater Consultants. My diverse background has taught me discipline, leadership, communication skills and most of all teamwork. The common theme in my background is I have always thrived to be a part of something bigger than myself. My position here at Prinsco is no different, I am a part of an industry and a company that truly  cares about our most valuable resource, Water.

Ways I enjoy helping Clients:

I enjoy helping clients find personalized solutions to their problems. I actively listen to concerns and needs and provide knowledge and resources to empower clients to make the most informed decisions. In doing this, I establish long-term client relationships built on trust and rapport.